School Curriculum

Elementary School Curriculum

In elementary school, our aim is to form not only a person armed with rich and versatile knowledge, abilities, and skills but also an honest, friendly, responsible, and spiritually rich individual. It is essential to us that, from an early age, the child not only knows and thinks but also feels beauty and lives a healthy life.

Our pedagogical approach is to teach independent learning, to research and discover, to be true to the nature of the child, and to make the teaching appropriate to the child’s age and interests. It is important o play and to learn by playing, because playing is a very serious business for a child. We should encourage the children, stimulate them, and become their friends and companions.

One of the important functions of the elementary school curriculum is the stimulation of research and creative work. We also provide differentiated instruction, taking into account the life experience and abilities of each learner.

· Native Speech Culture

· Mathematics

· Citizenship

· Science

· English

· Russian

· Computer Science

· Swimming

· Interest Provoking Mathematics and logic games

· Chess

· Arts and Crafts

· Art

· Dance

· Music

· Physical Education

Middle School Curriculum

Dilijan Central School offers 27 subjects in the Middle School. The aim of the curriculum is to give the students a complete and competitive education as well as a good upbringing, developing in them strong spiritual values and high aesthetic taste and instilling a desire for a healthy lifestyle.

In Dilijan Central School, the middle school subjects are divided into 8 subject groups.

1. Armenological Subjects

The purpose of the subjects included in this group is to improve the students’ abilities and skills to read, write, speak, and think in their native language, thus developing their love for the Armenian language and literatur

The Armenian Language Armenian Literature


2. Foreign Languages

The purpose of the subjects in this group is to give students the opportunity to become acquainted with other cultures through a good command of a foreign language; to master the language at a high level, allowing them not only to successfully pass international exams, but also to have no restrictions when using them in life․

English Russian Foreign Language (optional)

3. Exact Sciences

The purpose of the subjects in this group is to develop students’ knowledge of the main provisions and principles of Mathematics as well as their logical, analytical, and creative thinking, and to strengthen abstract and generalized thinking. Students learn the types and

structures of information systems as well as examples of ICT applications in many sciences and fields.

Mathematics Information and Communication Technologies

4. Natural Science Subjects

The purpose of Natural Science Subjects is to develop students’ rational thinking and to understand the essence and limitations of scientific methods. Through the Natural Science Curriculum, students discover how the achievements of science serve to solve the problems facing society. Students gain great experience in laboratory and field research and learn how to use Information and Comunication Technologies to conduct scientific research.

Physics  Chemistr Biology  Environmental Protection

5. Social Science Subjects

Social Sciences help students see the patterns of social development and analyze current political and economic events. Through the Social Sciences Curriculum, students get acquainted with the development of physical, economic, and social environments and the main factors affecting their formation and development.

Armenian History Armenian Church History World History Social Science Behaviour and Communication Skills

6. Arts

The purpose of the art classes is to make students recognize beauty and to develop their own style, thinking, and voice in different fields of art. Students study the multicultural, historical, social, and political environment in which various arts have been created and still exist. They use materials and tools that are normally used in professional art studios and work with renowned artists.

Dance Performing arts Music Painting Arts and Crafts

7. Physical Fitness

In addition to improving health, physical education teaches people to concentrate, orient themselves quickly, work in a team, and correctly evaluate the role of an individual in a team. Physical exercises, games, and sports allow students to boost their self-confidence and struggle persistently to gain both personal and team victories.

Physical Fitness Swimming

8. PMT and First Ai

The purpose of the subject “Preliminary Military Training” is to raise a physically, mentally, and spiritually strong generation, fully ready to defend the motherland. Students get acquainted with the military history of the motherland, gain basic military knowledge and skills, and prepare for military service.

Preliminary Military Training