General Provisions

Dilijan Central School announces admissions for the 2023–2024 academic year.

In the 2023–2024 academic year, the school is conducting mainstream and additional admissions in order to fill vacant places.

Mainstream admissions

In the 2023–24 academic year, mainstream admissions are made in the following classes: 1st grade

5th grade


The annual tuition fee per mainstream admissions student for the 2023–2024 academic year will be determined by the school’s upcoming Board of Trustees meeting.

Additional admissions

In the 2023–24 academic year, additional admissions are made in the following classes:

1st grade

5nd grade


The annual tuition fee per student admitted through additional admission is 1.400.000 /one million four hundred thousand/ AMD for one academic year.


Open house event  May 10, 16

Submission of applications May 17, 27

Meeting lessons with applicants /1st grade/  June 1-3

Conversations with the parents of applicants /1st grade/  June 3

Summary and publication of admission results /1st grade/ June 5

Native Language (knowledge test) / middle school/ June 9

Mathematics (knowledge test) / middle school/June 12

English (test) /middle school/ June 14

Group interviews with applicants /middle school/ June 16

Individual interviews with applicants and parents / middle school/ June 17

Summary and publication of admission results / middle school/ June 19

Open Days

The school organizes an open day for parents and applicants, during which the school team introduces the school and answers all the questions. On the same day, an introductory tour of the school is organized for all the guests. Participation in the open days is mandatory for the parents of all the applicants. The children of the parents who have submitted the application but did not participate in the open days event are deprived of the opportunity to participate in the admissions.



5th grade

Native Language the Armenian language

Mathematics Mathematics Algebra and Geometry




In addition to entrance exams, all the applicants and their parents (in case of elementary school, only parents) go through an interview stage.

The list of children admitted to the school is approved by the decision of the Admissions Committee, based on the results of the entrance exams and the interview with the applicants and

their parents. The decision of the Admissions Committee is final, non-interpretable, and non-appealable.

Filling Out Applications and Submitting Documents

Parents of the applicants fill out and submit the admission application form. The electronic application must be sent to the email address by 15:00 on May 24, 2023. And the printed version of the application with the required documents must be submitted to the school by 15:00 on May 27.

Stages of the Admission Process

Participation in all the stages of the admission process presented below is mandatory.

Stage 1

Registration for participation in the open days is over.