Know and Create

Sci et crea

Translated from Grabar (Classical Armenian), the motto is “Know and Create”. The verb

“Իմանամ” /imanam/ has three interrelated shades in Grabar:

  • understand, comprehend, recognize
  • consider, think
  • invent, devise

And the main meanings of the verb “առնեմ” /arnem/ are as follows:

  • do, act
  • originate, create
  • transform, change
  • receive, have

The harmonization of cognition and deeds, the correct combination or balance between theory and practice, is the “Golden Rule” of our educational philosophy. This wisdom, coming from the depths of the ages, is even more important in the 21st century, when education must be organized under the conditions of an unprecedented volume of knowledge and creative activity. The semantic shades of the words “Know” and “Create” suggest that these two principles are deeply interrelated, i. e., there is neither cognition without realization nor creation without cognitive acquisition. Therefore, we recognize and act at the same time; or we create by recognizing and recognize by creating. If we strive for accomplished knowledge, genuine achievements, and life truths, we must always maintain cognitive-creative harmony.