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Holistic education

Dilijan Central School is a school of the “Ayb” system. “Ayb” is a holistic educational environment. Combining the leading achievements of worldwide education with the best contributions of Armenian education and guided by the principle of taking the best, we give our students the opportunity to fully realize their potential and be competitive in the global educational field.

8 principles of DCS student profile

Cognizant and Creative

The harmonization of human cognition and actions and the right combination or balance of theory and practice are the “Golden Rule” of the educational philosophy of “Ayb.”

The “Ayb” student creates by recognizing and recognizes by creating.

Proactive and Balanced

The proactive not only start or undertake something on their own, but also have the courage and confidence to carry on and complete what they have started. Also, in every initiative, one should be balanced, i. e., circumspect, prudent, and serious, maintaining inner peace and showing restraint.

Vigilant and Open

Vigilant means not only alert, watchful, and careful but also internally attentive and organized.

“Ayb” students are not guided only by their own interests and desires, but they are also open to sharing what they have and gratefully accepting the good things given to them by others.

Benevolent and Caring

An “Ayb” student should not strive for mere cognition but for good and benevolent cognition or benevolence. Contemplating and discovering the good is the vector of effective cognition. Kindness of thought should also be reflected in our actions; an “Ayb” student should be caring.


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