Unprecedented abundance of projects and rich presentation of unique and new ideas at Dilijan Central School: this is how we can describe the project week in the 2022–2023 school year as briefly as possible. In fact, during the last blooming month of spring, all the halls, corridors, and even the canteen area of the school became a gathering platform for the presentation of educational projects for the students of both DCS and other schools in Dilijan. Only those who participated in this celebration would feel the atmosphere of sincere communication and the enthusiasm with which the students presented their projects. And there were many of them.

The unique advertisement made by the teachers and students of Haghartsin village school about the nature and cultural treasures of their homeland was unforgettable. In one part of the hall, the project of the 7th graders was presented: “The Royal System in Armenia.” At the students’ initiative, clothes representing the historical period were made. Media skills were used to redraw the crown of the Yervanduni kings and make it out of plastic.

In another part, there was great excitement since they gathered around Literary Games; some people tried the games created online. The presentation of the art-related projects was also colorful. Here, one could see both a cell enlarged a thousand times and distinguish the organoids by touch, and the wooden plan of Dilijan. It was extremely important for both our students and the students of the guest schools to present their ideas personally, tell about the difficulties of the implementation, and speak proudly about the satisfactory results obtained. Everyone exchanged experiences and had indescribable impressions.

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