It was a bountiful harvest; the pantries were being filled...

Autumn was constantly changing its colors: crimson, yellow, golden… Autumn’s effort is winter’s success. We made a decision: we will make pickles. We made a table, wrote down the names of different vegetables, and found out the prices and quantities. We made inquiries on how pickles are made, and the 3rd graders and the parent community got to work. Following all the ritual traditions, we made pickles with song and dance and put a big river stone on top of them. Native language, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Handicrafts, Science, Music, Dance, Russian, and English were mixed, and the outcomes were:

• very tasty pickles, • Math problems, • riddles, • advertisement, • blessings, • experiment, • trilingual vocabulary; • illustrated labels

We put the pickles we made in containers, attached labels, and sold them. And the money collected from the sale will be used for charity. “Be seasoned like a pickle to live long.”

“Those who bought our pickles became very bright and brilliant.”

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