discovered The Urartian and Ancient Egyptian civilizations.

DCS 7th grade students, under the leadership of their teacher Hovhannes Harutyunyan, discovered the Urartian and Ancient Egyptian civilizations. The purpose of the project was to depict the mentioned civilizations through didactic materials, to draw parallels with today, and to become the bearer and transmitter of these civilizations to future generations.

The work enabled them to solve several problems:

  1. To instill friendship and mutual help skills in the classroom using the cooperative method;
  2. To present visually everything they learn from texts;
  3. To break the stereotype that history is based on memory;
  4. To make history teaching interesting and multi-content, to increase motivation and love for the subject;
  5. To be able to imagine and place the learned material in the exact geographical place where it was, or is today;
  6. To try to instill care for the civilizations of the ancient world and to become the bearers of that civilization.

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