What would the heroes of the epic “David of Sassoun” be like if they appeared in the world of chess, the wise game? With Vahram, the chess teacher, David and Melik become chess kings who fight each other to death. This was perhaps one of the most interesting projects created during the month of epics announced at the school.

David of Sassoun Epic in the World of Chess” initiative began with a brilliant analogy between the epic and chess by one of the 4th-grade students.

The class found a link between the epic, the world of chess, and everyday life. They gave examples of tactics (sacrifice, etc.) and showed that acts of kindness could be contagious and spread (video: 5:00–5:07 minutes). Using their knowledge of chess history and the English language, the children were able to go beyond the standards and embody several heroes in one piece.

At the end of the epic, the class appears at Agravakar, the Door of Mher, and offers their version of getting Little Mher off the rock:

“We shall not wait for him,

We shall fill the world with good deeds.

And Little Mher will see he has an heir on earth.

And he will come out of the rock someday.”

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