Dilijan Central School celebrated its tenth anniversary of founding

An initial path that lasts a lifetime…

At the end of the year, Dilijan Central School celebrated its tenth anniversary of founding. The event was attended by guests, graduates from different years, and members of the Board of Trustees. The atmosphere was filled with nostalgia, an anticipation of a friendly reunion, and a sense of pride in the achievements of the past ten years.

The event was a highlight of the school’s ten-year journey, emphasizing its growth and positive impact on the community at large. Graduates from different years reunited, sharing stories of their experiences and achievements since leaving school. The role of the committed members of the board of trustees is also crucial in leading the school to success. Their attendance at this celebration serves as a further evidence of their commitment to the institution’s long-term vision and the importance of maintaining a solid foundation for future generations.

The 10th anniversary event was concluded with expressions of gratitude. The meeting recalled the value of education, emphasizing the commitment to developing well-rounded individuals.

As Dilijan Central School enters the next decade, the 10th anniversary event is evidence of the community’s enduring legacy and commitment to continue pursuing excellence in the quality of education.

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