Fill a bucket!

The ideal portrait of a Dilijan Central School student is composed of various competencies based on eight main principles. The competencies that a DCS student must have are formed throughout their learning process as an inseparable part of every and each lesson. In addition to addressing these competencies during everyday lessons, also special events and activities are held to help students to understand the importance and practical value of this or that competency. In this framework 5th graders had a special lesson in English entitled “Fill a bucket!” the purpose of which was to address the competencies of empathy, mutual care and kindness. During the lesson the students had an experiment with cotton and sandpaper to see the difference in feelings they have on their skin and to associate it with pleasant words and offensive words, as well they took part in another experiment called “wrinkled heart” to see the influence of offensive words on the heart. During the lesson the students read the book “Have you Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud after which brainstormed ideas on how they can fill other people’s buckets on every-day basis. As a follow-up activity they did their best to fill their classmates’ buckets.

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