A two-day seminar on medical and psychological first aid

One of the important events recently held in DCD was a two-day seminar on medical and psychological first aid, which was conducted by the school nurse Gohar Kurekhyan and psychologist Marina Ghazaryan.


The seminar was full of visual-practical approaches, impressive details, and helpful advice. The medical part included organization of first aid for bleeding, fractures, fainting, burns and other injuries; differentiation of subtypes of the mentioned injuries; information about the expression of symptoms and contraindications; and practical presentation of the steps to be taken.Psychological consultation was aimed at the person’s reaction to emergency situations, stress and post-stress states, as well as approaches to primary psychological support.

One of the topical issues was the consultation on stabilizing children’s mental state, responding to their questions and reacting to their mood, as well as presentation of several practical exercises, game and art therapy techniques to the audience.The seminar was intended for parents and school staff. The nurse of Primary School #5 named after V. Ananyan in Dilijan was also among the guests. The experts willingly answered the questions of interest to the participants.

Azatutyun radio station also refered to the importance of the event in their coverage.

The slogan of the seminar was “Not only the SOLDIER’s moral and psychological state is important, but that of the REAR as well.”

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