Vahram Pambukhchyan

“Chess is an art in its essence and a science in its depth,” says Vahram Pambukhchyan with certainty, whom the children of Dilijan Central School fondly call “our Comrade Vahram” and try to discover the secrets of the chess world with his help.

Both elementary school students and middle school students of the chess club eagerly wait for Comrade Vahram’s lessons. Comrade Vahram is able to present the most subtle and hidden chess tricks in an interesting and apprehensible way, combining traditional and modern methods, due to which his students already have serious success in a number of city, regional, and intraschool tournaments, making significant achievements in individual and group games.

Chess develops children’s computational, imaginative, and spatial abilities and creates healthy competition; that’s why chess lessons are one of the most anticipated and popular lessons at Dilijan Central School.

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