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Maga Gishyan studied at Dilijan State Art College in the piano department. She is a musician-pianist and a teacher by profession. She also writes poems and songs (as an author-performer). In 2011, she participated in the “Rebirth” festival in Gyumri. In 2014, she was the winner of the competition festival «песни России» (“Songs of Russia”). In 2016, she got into the top ten of the original song festival «Հուսո առագաստ» (“Sail of Hope”). Maga Gishyan is also interested in theatre. In 2017, she played the leading role in the play “Detention” by Gurgen Khanjyan. She performed in concerts on various stages in Armenia.

Work experience: Noyemberyan, Zurabyan College, teacher of music and singing (private lessons); Dilijan Community Centre, teacher of music; Dilijan Central School, teacher of music.

Musical instruments: piano, guitar, pipe, ukulele

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