Alvard Safaryan

Armenological Subjects

Alvard Safaryan studied as a bachelor at the department of “Armenian Language and Literature” of the Phylological Faculty, Yerevan State University, in 1995-1999 and received the qualifications of a philologist and teacher of Armenian Language and Literature. She was one of the masters that graduated from the same faculty with honors in 2001. Has a master’s degree in philology. During the post-graduate years of the university, 2001-2004, Alvard Safaryan wrote a dissertation on “Secondary Analytical Tenses in Armenian.” She started her professional career at the Neuron Medical School in Yerevan and continued at the Khalatyan College; then, until 2016, she taught at the experimental high school No. 112 of the Ministry of Education and Science.

In 2016-2018, Alvard Safaryan combined jobs at Dilijan Central School and Schools No. 23 and 51 in Yerevan. She was the head of the language group. In addition to pedagogy, she also combined the digitization of the bibliography department of the National Library of Armenia, as well as the library’s literature, and the assistance of the events department. Alvard Safaryan worked with the RA State Inspectorate of Education in 2015-2016 while implementing the work program. She has a certificate as a teacher trainer from the Program Implementation Office within the program “E-VOLUTION of International Education Partners,” as well as a certificate as an organizer and participant in the program “Creation of ICT Resources for Use in the Educational Process Using MS Office, Smart, and FlashCards Programs” within the second credit program “Education Quality and Compliance,” a certificate of participation in the course organized by the Center for Women’s Rights on the topic “Promotion of Systematic Support for Cases of Domestic Violence,” etc. In different years, “BEH” and “Kantegh” magazines published her “Secondary Compound Tenses Formed with the Past Participle in Armenian,” “Tenses Formed with the Past Participle in Armenian,” and other articles. In 2018, she was selected as a teacher by the “Araratian Baccalaureate” program created within the framework of the National Program for Educational Excellence (NPEE).

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