Nunufar Smbatyan

Form Teacher


Nunufar Smbatyan studied at the “Culture” faculty of the State Pedagogical Institute named after Khachatur Abovyan and graduated with honors. In 1991, she started working at Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex as a primary school teacher. She taught children’s literature at the Pedagogical School of the Mkhitar Sebasatsi Educational Complex. She was the supervisor of the graduation paper, “School-Student-Family.” Nunufar Smbatyan participated in a number of trainings, such as “Development of the Armenian Language Program in Elementary Schools and Training of Teachers,” “Development of Critical Thinking Through Reading and Writing,” “Critical Thinking as a Means of Reading and Writing,” and “Preparatory Teaching in a Public School” organized by the “IREX” organization. She is the author of a number of professional articles. She is also a certified trainer at the “Abacus” center. She participated in the “Financial Education at School” program, held in Tavush Region, in the training of science and mathematics subjects and received a qualification.

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